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A Miami Vice Reunion Movie: It’s Still Possible! Rick returns, with more news and an updated screenplay

It’s really too bad the industry feels and has responded the way it has. It’s seriously missing a new market. A new show would have to be done right with the right feel. We have better tools today and a great blueprint on which to build. There’s still a market and fan interest, but sadly the industry has yet to embrace it.

Miami Vice "Pilot" cast

Miami Vice: 30 Years, and Counting

30 years ago today, Miami Vice premiered on NBC, and the world of television entertainment changed almost immediately.

The style of the sets and the fashions, the boldness of the cops and the bad guys, the bright, surreal day shots melding with the murky noir night shots, and the music — oh, the impact the music had on the scenes and how we viewers felt… that’s the real production breakthrough.

Upgrades and Changes coming to The Chronicles

Plans are in the making for another upgrade, and a way to streamline a lot of the content here, making some of it easier to find, and opening up other parts of it for more comments.

A Writer’s Journey Continues: Returning to Miami Vice

Speaking of change there’s been some major changes up at Universal. I think we could be in better position for actually getting our reunion film made. There has been a change of the guard so to speak.

Screenplay: Crockett Returns (Updated)

A two hour Miami Vice TV Reunion movie with the original cast, taking place in Miami today, including recent revisions.

Miami Vice Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction Elsewhere on the Net

Other sites that do or did have Miami Vice fanfic online

Flashback: Chapter 11: Sanity Maintenance

“Ten o’clock at night and you’re gonna go fishing, Crockett?”

“It’s called ‘sanity maintenance’, Tubbs. Ya outta try it sometime.”

Flashback: Chapter 10: The Setup

They knew they were going to have their work cut out for them. Convincing Lombard that DeMarco was skimming had been a piece of cake. But now persuading DeMarco to cooperate with the law was going to take some expert handling.

Flashback: Chapter 9: James “Sonny” Crockett

A few lights had been left on toward the back so that the outer office would not be in total darkness. Castillo made his way quickly to one of the file cabinets across from his office and retrieved the records he wanted to review. On his way back, he passed Sonny Crockett’s desk and something he noticed there made him stop.

Flashback: Chapter 8: The Canal

The yellow crime tape fluttered in the breeze. Now he understood why Jerry had never heard from her.