A Writer’s Journey Continues: Returning to Miami Vice

A Journey Continues: Returning to Miami Vice
by Rick Eager

Rick Eager

Hello Vice fans! It’s been a long time since I posted here. My apologies… as I’ve been busy. I’ve had some small roles and been in a few movies since my last post. I’ve recently worked with Michael Madsen (nice guy BTW) and I could see him in a future new generation episode of Vice as a heavy. How about you?

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Milla Jovovich, Rory Cochrane, Famke Janssen and Bill Pullman just to name a few. I find it very fascinating to be on a film set. There is so much to learn and I talk to everybody. The stories I’ve heard are pretty cool too, although you’ll never get them out of me. I’ll plead the fifth, pal!

I’ve had nothing but good experiences on the film sets not only with famous celebs, but with the crews as well. The guy holding the boom mic might have a more interesting story or experience to share than one of the celebs. You never know.

The first film I was in was a bar scene. After that I felt like I had a very small glimpse into Michael Mann’s world of cinematography. I could finally appreciate what his work was all about. The lighting had to be just right and colors had to match with nothing left to chance.

The Director of Photography or “DP” as their known, walked onto the set and took one quick look at the bottles and glasses behind the bar which was to be the back drop. He immediately began to point and say, “That bottle, those glasses, those bottles and so on are outta here! The colors aren’t right or I don’t like the way the light shines through them! Replace them with those!” as he pointed over to another area of the bar.

Wow! That was a quick free lesson in cinematography! I might have actually watched the film if I could. You see I can never watch myself on screen. I don’t know exactly why, but I can’t. Maybe it’s that I’m too critical of myself, I don’t know. I just love the energy while working on the set, going out there and nailing the scene. I know if it wasn’t good the Director will ask for another take and tell me what they want changed.

I’ve since wrote several more screenplays with more in the works and have just finished the first draft of my new book which is based on a true story called, “Raped & Jailed in Divorce Court”. There’s been a lot of changes in my life the last few years including my move to Southern California.

Speaking of change there’s been some major changes up at Universal. I think we could be in better position for actually getting our reunion film made. There has been a change of the guard so to speak. The people that were so against getting the screenplay made are no longer there. Jeff Zucker and Jeff Gaspin have moved on.

These guys walked into a network that was number one with top shows like Seinfeld and Friends and then in a few short years at the helm became the worst rated network on TV. These were the guys that were so defiant about a reunion of Vice. Maybe it’s just as well. No telling what the film would have looked like.

This is a new day for NBC/Universal. They’re in the process of rebuilding. It could only take one or two good shows to begin rebuilding the network. This could be our moment fans. I still have faith and vision for the reunion film to be the Pilot episode followed by a new generation Miami Vice weekly show. The new show would include some stories interweaved from the original and cameos from the original cast.

On the business side the market is there. The old fans haven’t gone away and new fans haven’t been exposed yet. The real reason shows like Burn Notice, CSI Miami and others have done so well is truly at the cost of Miami Vice. The demographics alone spell a better than potential success.

Michael Mann and NBC/Universal still hold the franchise rights to Miami Vice. I really think despite what has been said about Michael Mann’s 2006 film, he could still do a great job with a new generation of Miami Vice for TV. There is untapped value in the franchise. It worked once and still has a large following.

The new head player up at NBC sounds promising. His name is Bob Greenblatt and he’s their new chairman. If you’ve never heard of him let me introduce him to you. Bob came from Fox and was Executive Vice president in charge of all ongoing programing and development of all new comedy, drama, reality, and late night series. I believe if we could get a green light from him it’d be a done deal.

Here’s where you can read an updated version of my script for a Miami Vice reunion TV Movie: Screenplay: Crockett Returns (updated)

Here are the new players at NBC/Universal and how to get in touch with them. If you’d like to see this movie made send them a letter or two…

Steve Burke
CEO NBC/Universal
100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City CA 91608
NBC Universal

Bob Greenblatt
NBC Chairman of Entertainment
3000 W. Alameda Ave, Burbank CA 91523-0001
NBC Universal

Michael Mann Productions
12233 W. Olympic Blvd, Ste 340
Los Angeles CA 90064

For more info on me and the films I’ve been in:
* My IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2176279/
* More Head shots with different looks/characters: http://s827.photobucket.com/albums/zz193/58Silck/Head%20Shots/

My latest voiceover radio commercial (for Furniture Showcase) doing my “Cheech” impression of Cheech & Chong (I can do both)


  1. I hope this happens. The script is great and I would definitely watch a new series.

  2. 2 Words.DO IT!!!!!!

    Miami Vice Deserves a return.

  3. While I like the idea of a reunion movie, I didn’t like this script. Castille’s character is all wrong. As soon as I hit the bit about Castille waxing poetic on a beach life it felt like a different character … he didn’t provide exposition like that, and he wasn’t a guy who went for the easy life. His whole history was one where he took the harder road. Retirement wouldn’t be any different.

    More importantly, during the series he was the moral compass. No matter how much Crockett or Tubbs or any of his team lost it (due to various deaths of people close to them, criminals flaunting the system, getting to deep undercover, etc.) Castille was the guy who was the rock and pointed out the right thing to do – even if his team didn’t like it at the time. He wouldn’t go on a vigilante set up and then steal the money and run to an island. Doing that completely changed his character to someone I think most fans wouldn’t like.

  4. Absolutely! There is too many crappy things on TV and the remakes are BAD in Hollywood! Bring us our heroes!

  5. PLEASE make new Miami Vice!!! TV sucks now that 24 is over! I will watch every show!

  6. I don’t know if I’m interested in a Next Generation scenario for Miami Vice.

    At the end of the day, Miami Vice is really about Crockett & Tubb’s 5 year partnership as vice cops. When that was over, the show was over.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a new film rebooting Miami Vice with new actors in the Crockett & Tubbs role, but I would prefer it to be an 80s period piece as opposed to what we were given with the 2006 Michael Mann film.

  7. @JJ they tried with Starsky and Hutch movie in 2004 and it did not work. Being a fan of Vice, I say do a reunion. Have the originals do a 2-3 part episode arc mini series, and even bring back the evil Carderone family and have Crockette’s son pick up the torch. If done right, the original characters could do cameos while a new generation is making new episodes. Their doing it for Hawaii 5-0 and they certainly can do for Vice. The time is ripe. Lets get it done.

  8. So is there any update on this? Is there a “real” possibility of it ever happening?

  9. One thing that may get us going is the music. Sure we all have the Soundtrack, but what about Biko,..the song from Evan,..Heartbeat,.. and from Glades …..? Seriously , let’s keep it going!

  10. Sandra Santriago was in Carlito’s Way.

  11. I want vice back

  12. i would also like to see miami vice make a comeback.
    to bad it couldn’t be the original cast but
    since it more than likely won’t be i think movie cast wise
    as follows would be perfect.i think that it should be done as
    the original movie pilot when crockett and tubbs meet
    chasing the same druglord carl derone


    crockett-brad pitt

    tubbs-denzel washington

    trudy-halle berry

    geena-eva mendez

    castio-george clooney

    switeck-woody harrelson

    zito-vince vaughn

    carl derone-danny trejo

  13. Guys, I have loved Miami Vice for my entire life. Would love to see a return to this material. Here is my dream but also realistic casting for Crockett and Tubbs:

    Crockett – Josh Holloway (Lost)
    Tubbs – Terrence Howard (Hustle and Flow)

    Think about that and tell me they aren’t perfect for the new Vice!


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