A Writer’s Journey Through a Return to Miami Vice

My Journey Through Writing Crockett’s Return to Miami… Vice??
by Rick Eager

Hello Miami Vice Fans! I want to give a big “Thank You” to you the fans, as well to the staff here at Miami Vice Chronicles for inviting me to add my screenplay, Crockett Returns to Miami… Vice??? for your viewing. It’s now a two-hour TV reunion movie that began as a feature for the big screen with the original cast. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! The journey of writing it was long and sometimes hard, but always enjoyable.

Like you, I’ve always been a huge Vice fan. It was my favorite show ever! My journey started back in 1999 when I began to have dreams about a new Miami Vice movie while working on another project. I’m not the type to start something and not finish it, so I forged ahead with what I was working on, but the dreams continued, then the visions started. I would be thinking of nothing at all as I staggered to my morning shower, and suddenly a scene would pop into my head.

It began to haunt me day and night, until I finally sat down and opened a new Final Draft file and began writing the scenes I saw in my dreams and visions… it almost seemed spiritual. Another important element was that I was off work at the time with injuries from my job. I worked for General Motors, and had both shoulders rebuilt after chasing an assembly line, and was off for a year with the very painful surguries and rehab.

Working on the screenplay was the light and excitement of my day, as I looked forward to it every morning. I got on the Internet and talked to MV fans all over the world, and found a fan club in Poland, of all places! The fans hinted at what they would love to see in a new movie (of course, this was prior to Michael Mann’s 2006 “Miami Vice” feature film). The fans posted some of their all-time favorite scenes as I took notes.

It didn’t take long before I realized who I was writing this for… the diehard fans like you! On my journey I spoke with many fans like yourselves, and have met some wonderful people. I wouldn’t trade the experience of my journey for anything. You guys renewed my faith in mankind. All of our Miami Vice characters, like ourselves, have evolved over the years, so I had to think about what they would evolve into.

I started with Sonny, who had headed south where the drinks were colder and where he didn’t know the players. I researched what most cops do when they burn out. I had a retired DEA agent friend of mine tell me they do one of two things: a bullet to the head, or climb into a bottle and stay there a while. Having never been an alcoholic, I wanted to better understand this. I visited AA and purchased and read their Big Book. I got a sobriety coin that I kept by my computer and looked at every time I thought or wrote about Sonny.

Rico went back to New York, but couldn’t stay away from law enforcement. It was who he was and he was good at it. He later became Captain in the NYPD. Stan was easy, he loved Elvis and always will. Castillo was a career man. Trudy rolled with the flow as did Gina, who could maybe make Captain. There is Tommy the mechanic, Izzy who finally goes legit, then Noogie who had to be written in as a living tribute to Charlie Barnett… God rest his soul.

It was and is on the industry side where I experienced, well, indifference. I contacted Universal several times to no avail. I contacted Saundra Santiago who at the time was working on “One Life to Live”. She replied back with excitement in an email, telling me to contact Don Johnson, who wasn’t working at the time. It took me a while to find him, but he never responded back. I contacted Edward James Olmos, but he was very busy with Battlestar Galactica.

EJO’s secretary sent me release forms and said EJO wanted to read it. I sent it to him and he liked it. He got me an agent, who got the screenplay up to Universal. I also contacted Michael Mann, who read it, but he finally passed on it, cordially wishing me well on my career. Universal looked at it, and they also passed, then announced the new Miami Vice feature that Michael Mann was writing. I guess a reunion movie was not in the cards at that time.

I have since rewritten the screenplay as a two-hour TV movie that opens the door for a new Miami Vice series with the introduction of two new characters. I’d also like to write some new episodes with links back to the original series, since some of the perps were never apprehended. I’d also like to include a cameo in every episode from an original cast member to ensure that most of us old schoolers would tune in and turn on.

I pitched this concept earlier this year to Jeff Gaspin up at NBC/Universal, Don Johnson’s production company, and Michael Mann at Forward Pass, but have not heard back from anyone as of yet. I keep hearing Jimmy Cliff sing “Give the people what they want… it’s what they want!”

If you would like to see this movie on TV or the big screen, please contact these people and let them know, as they are the ones who can make it happen:

Steve Burke, CEO NBC/Universal
100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City CA 91608
NBC Universal

Bob Greenblatt, NBC Chairman of Entertainment
3000 W. Alameda Ave, Burbank CA 91523-0001
NBC Universal

Michael Mann
Michael Mann Productions
12233 West Olympic Blvd, Ste 340, Los Angeles CA 90064

Don Johnson
Don Johnson Productions
9633 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 278, Beverly Hills CA 90210

July 2011: contacts updated

For more on myself, see my listing at IMDb. To you guys… the fans… thank you and God bless!

Best regards,
Rick Eager


  1. I remember as a kid being a Miami Vice fan and was reminiscing about
    all the cool cars that they had on the show. So I did some internet
    searches and I ran across this site. I am pleased to see that Mr.
    Rick Eager is eager (no pun intended) enough to write a reunion
    script. I immediately downloaded it and read it from beginning to
    end. I can only say one word, WOW! I always hoped that someone at
    the studio would take the initiative to do this. I guess Mr. Eager did it for them and I can only hope that this will be made.
    They have to do this, for cryin out loud, even Chips had a reunion show. Seriously, the script stays true to the original series. I do not want to give anything away, but the twist at the end…. I wished I watched this(in HD) instead of reading the script.

  2. You should contact Philip Michael Thomas. Get him involved. You can’t have a reunion without him. He probably misses the limelight. He might get you into places…

  3. This sounds so awesome! I was 19 in 1984 and worshipped Miami Vice. I always loved wearing the same White Linen pants, pastel shirts, white slip on shoes, and open white over shirt, as I could not afford the “Armani” one! I own the full Box DVD set, of all seasons, and have the entire music collection of the songs as well. What an awesome thing to have a reunion movie with ALL the original Cast, Cars, Boats scenery and all, all exactly the same, how Cool that would be. the Movie that came out was fair at best, NOBODY can copy Don Johnson and Phillip Michael thomas! Make it happen, It would be huge, They still have millions of Fans!!!

  4. they should have a follow up show with don johnson and phillip michael thomas called “Vice- with a vengeance”. this time they are not cops, but are after caulderone. A story linelike this- The fed who was in the last episode who made them turn in their badges is on caulderones payroll. AND he happens to give caulderone the locations of crocketts ex wife and kids house. caulderone has it blown up- by his goons, and bam you have crockett and tubbs on his trail.
    This time though, in their pursuit of caulderone, they meet up with a few other people who have also gotten dicked over by caulderone,(each subsequent episode tells the story of how caulderone dicked them over, and adds more info to the plot) and they form a team of renegades bent on killing caulderone.meanwhile castillos enemy the chinese general who he had arrested gets out of jail(thanks to the crooked fed who had crockett and tubbs resign in the last episode) so he can supply caulderone with dope.

    episode 1- to the general with love.
    castillos ex wife mai ling form thailand or cambodia he left behind gets killed by the general ,and he is on the generals trail. using several trusted army recruits he served with, they surveillance the generals mansion at night. out of nowhere these ninjas spit poison darts out of blow guns, use throwing stars and throwing knive sto silently kill every single one of castillos comrades. as they climb into a helicopter castillo pops up out of abush witha bazooka, blows tehhelicopter to smithereens, and says- to the general- with love. as bodies and sheet metal fall to the ground on fire…
    after he kills off the generals ninja types- he flees but soon encounters caulderones goons… which rapidly puts castillo in touch with sonny and rico….

    meanwhile as crockett and tubbs(c&t) try to pose as big drug lords and high life playboys to buy dope and cut in on caulderones business to flush him out of hiding, they get into wars with several underground gangs who do not like competition from crockett and tubbs(c&t).

    meanwhile c&t’s new group has an explosive expert, several military badboys,marksmen,a few hired killer types who join c&t because caulderone did them wrong, a computer geek built like rambo that can kick ass, a few outlaw badboys, stolen military weapons that are suuuuuuper bad, and a pair of women who are damn near ninjas and hot as hell….

    THE IDEA- have it be the flash and sizzle of miami vice, the high tech of mission impossible, the hard ass action of a schwarzenegger or whoever action hero type movie, a little mystery and suspense, with plenty of unexpected twists new players unexpected surprises, and a ton of slow motion action sequences to blow your mind.

    ie Vice with a vengeance…

    the three day war- episode 2

    where c&t are playing big money druglords and romancing chicks in rio di janeiro- -two of the 5 chicks in their penthouse are hired assassins sent to romance c&t and then kill them.

    meanwhile a rival underworld gang comes up out of nowhere to hit c&t and kill them.
    but unexpectedly, crockett and tubbs gang come up and kick serious ass.
    as the dust settles guess who? right. caulderones goons were tipped off about the rival gangs planned hit on c&t…more crazy shootouts and action sequences. the bomb expert sets charges, the weapons guys set up some serious artillery, and the computer geek does sme stunts too.

    the two assassin chicks end up defending crockett and tubbs so as to stay alive(in view of c&t gang having superior firepower) and then the femme fatales get killed. which sets sonny and rico off- but not to worry. later on they discover that these chicks were sent to kill them. in the meanwhile as they are fighting caulderones goons,using high tech weapons to outwit and outgun many goons and their firepower and hardware… they learn vital info about him. but before they can act on it, then comes a rival of caulderone’s- Attilio Achiota…- attillios army of rebel mercenaries are sent to try and kill off caulderones muscle and weaken him but instead they are mistakenly percieved as more of caulderones goons by crockett& tubbs and they get destroyed…crockett and tubbs narrowly escape the scene AND the buildings collapse where they had been penned in during the gun battles…

    ok you get the clue.

    next episode- to kill a cockroach- they suprise caulderone on his yacht as he does a big dope deal for 200 kilos of coke.(the vital info they learned in preious episode)

    caulderone barely escapes by climbing into the sea plane with the buyers.


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