The Miami Vice Chronicles began in 1996 as a personal site dedicated to Miami Vice, a series that a decade earlier had defined the next evolution of television entertainment.

The source of the information was a lot of painstaking work put in by myself and a handful of other Vice fans, all of whom hung out at the time on rec.arts.tv (this being in the pre-World Wide Web days). Many of us were putting this info together as the episodes were airing, and manually updating flat file episode guides with blurbs and cast lists from TV Guide and USA Today pages.

In 1988, during the final season, I took it upon myself to research the one final iconic piece of the series that was incomplete for us: the music. That research led to me spending almost 2 weeks huddled over microfiche machines in my university’s graduate library, poring through the archives of USA Today’s TV section, carefully copying down the original episode descriptions, air dates, guest stars, and most importantly, the songs used for that episode (a feature that only USA Today provided for the series). The end result was well worth the response, since many of the amazing songs selected by Michael Mann were obscure tracks or by smaller and independent bands whose music was hard to track down.

Many other eyes over the years have helped fill out the title and end credits, all in the early 1990s when the show was in reruns on USA Network. Many of those who helped have been listed in the guide credits, and to all of them and to the ones who just made a suggestion here and there, my thanks goes out to all of them, always.

Website History

The Miami Vice Chronicles became a website in 1996 because I wanted to learn how to build websites. I’d had a domain since 1994, but no website yet, and the idea came about when I stumbled upon all my old Miami Vice research notes while cleaning one weekend.

Thus the old site, hosted at wildhorse.com was born. The Chronicles were hosted there from 1996-2008, going through 2 or 3 major redesign efforts over the years. The original site even won a couple of awards:

Silver Platter Site for July 1999!
Totally Awesome Site
for 22 August 1996!

Even more amazing, one of the sites that stole all my content (prior to the 2001 redesign) won the exact same 80s.com award in 1998. You know what they say about imitation…

In August 2008, while I was redesigning wildhorse.com to refocus it on it’s primary topic, the showcasing of the art of the horse and the preservation of wild horses, I also decided it was long overdue that the Chronicles have it’s own domain, and to take advantage of that resource to create a new forum space for the denizens of the old old MV mailing list and forums.

Which brings us to today.

Both the new site and the new forums space were officially launched on December 15, 2008 — you could say it’s a symbolic gesture, in honor of Don Johnson’s birthday.