Articles that are no longer online

Many of the old articles that were linked in from the old website have vanished, but I’m going to list their titles and some details here, in case alternate sources for them pop back up.

E! Online, June 7, 2002: Don Johnson Does Daddy Again

Yahoo News, June 5, 2002: ‘Miami Vice’ Actor Thomas Awarded $2.3 Million

Denver Post, August 21, 2000: Gordon Liddy relishes ‘Justice’ role

High Times, March 1997: Cheech & Chong Reunite on Nash Bridges

TV Guide (June 29-July 5, 1996): The 100 Most Memorable Moments in TV History
A treasury of television events — from news to cartoons — that are truly unforgettable

People Magazine (June 20, 1994): “No So Magic Johnson”

People Magazine (March 28, 1994): “Rocky Mountain Low”

Redbook (March 1993): “The Hottest Romance in Hollywood”

Comsopolitan (April 1989): The surprising truth about Don Johnson

Redbook (January 1989): Talking with Don Johnson: “Relationships are difficult for me.”

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