A Miami Vice Reunion Movie: It’s Still Possible! Rick returns, with more news and an updated screenplay

It’s really too bad the industry feels and has responded the way it has. It’s seriously missing a new market. A new show would have to be done right with the right feel. We have better tools today and a great blueprint on which to build. There’s still a market and fan interest, but sadly the industry has yet to embrace it.

Upgrades and Changes coming to The Chronicles

Plans are in the making for another upgrade, and a way to streamline a lot of the content here, making some of it easier to find, and opening up other parts of it for more comments.

A Writer’s Journey Continues: Returning to Miami Vice

Speaking of change there’s been some major changes up at Universal. I think we could be in better position for actually getting our reunion film made. There has been a change of the guard so to speak.

Screenplay: Crockett Returns (Updated)

A two hour Miami Vice TV Reunion movie with the original cast, taking place in Miami today, including recent revisions.

Enhancing the Chronicles

We’re coming up on the 2-year anniversary of this site’s launch/relaunch, so I’m toying with the idea of adding a wiki component to the existing episode guide.

If you’re a fan of the series and addict of all things Miami Vice, then you come back here time and again as a reference… so what enhancements to the site would you find appealing and exciting?

Woot One Day Sale

This might be too late to get to most Vice fans, but Woot.com is having a one-day sale (March 8, 2010) on the Miami Vice Complete Series DVD Box Set: $39.99 for the entire 5-season set!

The Real Fate of Martin Castillo

Last week on SIRIUS XM’s Raw Dog Comedy channel, Edward James Olmos revealed the final fate of “Miami Vice”‘s Lt. Martin Castillo

A Writer’s Journey Through a Return to Miami Vice

Like you, I’ve always been a huge Vice fan. It was my favorite show ever! My journey started back in 1999 when I began to have dreams about a new Miami Vice movie while working on another project.

Screenplay: Crockett Returns to Miami…Vice?

A two hour Miami Vice TV Reunion movie with the original cast, taking place in Miami today.

Untapped Resources: Eartha Kitt

A lost opportunity, in my eyes, was the chance to later expand on the relationship between Castillo and Chata. Both of them projected the aura of strength and integrity with a quiet self-assuredness that was most definitely rare amidst the go-go flash of the mid-1980s.