Seeking “Architectural Vice”

Architectural Vice by William Menking: yet another article that needs to be uncovered

Welcome to the new Miami Vice Chronicles!

Yes, it’s been long overdue, given how long I’ve had a Miami Vice website, but hopefully you’ll find this new version more than worth the wait.

Miami Vice on the Air

Where is Miami Vice airing on television around the world these days?

Looking for old Vice articles

Do you have any old “Miami Vice” related articles from newspapers or magazines? Send them in!

Looking for pictures of Vice collectibles

The search for more Miami Vice collector’s items continues

Articles that are no longer online

Many of the old articles that were linked in from the old website have vanished, but I’m going to list their titles and some details here, in case alternate sources for them pop back up.

Fan Fiction Elsewhere on the Net

Other sites that do or did have Miami Vice fanfic online

2004 Miami Vice Convention Wrapup

The 20th Anniversary Miami Vice Convention was a smash!

20th Anniversary Convention Planning Underway

Work has begun in organizing a 20th Anniversary Miami Vice Convention in mid-September 2004

Petition: Original Cast wanted for the movie

There’s a petition out, asking Michael Mann and the producers of the announced Miami Vice movie to please include the original cast members