No more tapes

Columbia House ceases releasing more Miami Vice on VHS

Miami Vice and other Michael Mann productions on Laserdisc

The Miami Vice movies “Miami Vice” and “Prodigal Son” may be still available on laserdisc, but expect laserdisc to no longer be a popular format by 2001 or so…

Memories from a Miami Vice Extra

Actor Fred Goldman recounts his time as an extra on “Little Miss Dangerous”

What I Learned from Martin Castillo

Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned from Martin Castillo

1998 Miami Vice Convention Wrapup

Calling for pictures and recaps of the 1998 Convention, since one of the sites hosting that info is now gone.

Next Volume of Columbia House tapes

A new announcement from Columbia House

Columbia House Vol 2 Mixup Update

The latest on the changed songs in Volume 2 tapes