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Too Much, Too Late

Tubbs chooses to overlook old flame Valerie’s involvement in the coverup of a murder involving her friend

Leap of Faith

Crockett, his protege Hardin, and an old friend team up to investigate a college professor’s connection to a series of drug-related student deaths

Miracle Man

A man in superhero garb repeatedly ruins Tubbs and Switek’s drug busts, and manages to make himself the target of hustlers, hitmen and reporters

World of Trouble

A mob boss long believed to be dead reappears in Miami, and he must avoid a rival boss who has vowed to kill him


Crockett and Tubbs hope to smuggle a Latin American despot out of his war-torn country to testify in the US against a South American drug cartel

Victims of Circumstance

A string of murders plague a group Holocaust survivors who are planning to bring in a former Nazi to stand trial for war crimes

Over the Line

Crockett and Tubbs infiltrate a group of vigilante police officers that endangers innocent lives to dispense their form of justice

The Lost Madonna

Crockett and Tubbs pose as art fences to search for the main section of a long-missing 15th century painting worth millions