The Cell Within

Tubbs is invited to a party by an ex-convict-turned-author whom he’d sent to prison, but is instead taken prisoner and treated to demonstrations of the man’s new personal views on justice

Jack of All Trades

Several schemes pulled by Crockett’s cousin Jack get him into trouble him with mobsters

Miami Squeeze

Crockett defends Castillo after a mobster coerces a congresswoman into implicating him as a drug dealer

To Have and To Hold

Crockett counsels his troubled son, while Tubbs falls for the vengeful widow of a drug kingpin during an undercover assignment

Fruit of the Poison Tree

Crockett and Tubbs investigate an attorney who defends drug dealers, then steals and resells their drugs

Hard Knocks

Switek sinks into drinking and gambling after thugs convince him to talk a friend’s son, a major college quarterback, into throwing a game

Asian Cut

Crockett and Tubbs investigate while Trudy goes undercover as a decoy to draw out a sadistic serial killer preying on call girls

Line of Fire

Crockett and Tubbs reluctantly comply with an FBI request to guard the troublesome key witness in a drug overlord’s trial


Tubbs and Castillo attempt to intervene in a drug deal in which government agents want no police interference

Bad Timing

Crockett is ordered to take time off and recuperate from his ordeal, but his vacation is cut short after when he’s kidnapped by 3 homicidal prison escapees