Fanzine: Vice Verse

A fanzine dedicated to Miami Vice poetry and art

Fanzine: Crockett-Dial

Crockett-Dial is a labor of love, with its first issue having been published in 1987. The official full title of the ‘zine is Crockett-Dial (That’s Alligator, Darlin’, Al-li-gator).

Heart’s Last Fire

The man I’d presumed to be Tubbs, breathy from laughing at the seated man’s joke, said, “Is there something I can help you with?”

I gulped, moved behind Angelo, and lightly rested my hands on his shoulders, saying,”This is Angelo Tubbs.”

The Daydream

The sun is out, and its late spring warmth feels good through the windshield of my red Z-24 Cavalier. The windows are down, and a light breeze passes through the car. The air is full of fast food odors and traffic noise on Route 255 near the mall. Late Friday afternoon shoppers and patrons of hamburger stands jam the intersection ahead. Beyond lies Exit #17 of Interstate 80 and a 40-minute commute home.