Blood Debts: Chapter 21

Castillo nodded, quoting his senior detective verbatim: “You said, ‘We’re a team.’ You said, ‘Nobody can change that.'”

Caitlin: Chapter 7

He knew this was a turning point, and she did too. From now on they were truly as one, and they would build their world together. He grasped her in his arms and held her like he had never held her before, his heart overflowing with love for the woman of his dreams.

Caitlin: Chapter 6

Sonny took the weapon from his hand and turned it back on the still bewildered man. Before he could recover, Caitlin whispered into his ear again. “One sound and I blow your head off, you bastard.”

Caitlin: Chapter 5

This wasn’t exactly what she had expected to wake up to when she fell asleep in Sonny’s arms this afternoon. She had been expecting to spend this evening in paradise, but instead, it was quickly turning into a nightmare in hell.

Caitlin: Chapter 4

They sailed for a while longer until they found an enchanting little cove on the sheltered side of one of the deserted islands – a piece of paradise, just the two of them in their own little world. Maybe this really was heaven on earth.

Caitlin: Chapter 3

Unexpectedly, without saying a word, he picked her up in his arms, carried her down the stairs and set her down on her feet in the middle of the cabin. They were both stimulated by the promise of what was to come.

Caitlin: Chapter 2

They had escaped – freedom at last! Three nights and two days of nothing but themselves and the ocean and whatever they wanted to do.

Caitlin: Chapter 1

They had vowed to share everything, good or bad, and she held him to that promise. She understood him like no other woman had before, not even Caroline. Maybe that was because she shared his driving passion to do what was right no matter what.

Blood Debts: Chapter 20

“I’m not taking any more chances with you Castillo.” He fired three body shots, the reports deafening in the balcony space and echoing in the Hall. It was with great satisfaction he saw Castillo thrown against the balcony wall and slide down.

Caitlin: Intro / Prologue

It was ironic. This job that brought him face to face with the worst slime in Miami’s criminal underground was the reason he had met the woman of his dreams – sweet and fiery, gentle but firm, the only woman he had ever met who matched him in the passion of his convictions.