Another Manhunter DVD

A new version of Manhunter is on the way, but will it have all of the missing footage?

HGTV: Historic Homes of Miami

“Historic Homes of Miami” was a special on HGTV that featured several homes that are familiar to “Miami Vice” fans, having seen them in various episodes of the series.

“Miami Vice” Coming to the Big Screen

Joining the recent spate of classic TV series-turned-features, Universal Pictures and Michael Mann will give bigscreen treatment to the seminal ’80s cop series “Miami Vice.”

Michael Mann directs The Insider

The Insider still has all the director’s personalized trademarks: a moody electronic score, lush atmospheric cinematography, and edgy camera compositions to spare. Much like his last two efforts, Heat and Last of the Mohicans, Mann is once again concerned with flawed men and the larger forces at play which shape their lives.

The Only Show in Town is Now One of Many

“Miami Vice” still is seen by millions of viewers; so is every prime-time network television program. As I arrived here this trip, though Miami Vice had finished third behind the two other networks in its time slot the previous Friday. “Miami Vice,” whatever else it may be, is no longer water-cooler conversation at offices throughout the land. It’s just a TV show.

Miami Vice now available from Columbia House

Details on the original Columbia House home video release

Representing Masculinity

After years of female display designed primarily for the male viewer, television is now showcasing the male body. In Miami Vice “the emphasis of the show lies mostly on Sonny’s image, and
this image’s implicit eroticism”

Edward James Olmos to speak November 19

Olmos’ lecture is part of the Distinguished Speakers Series, presented by UB in conjunction with the Don Davis Auto World Lectureship Fund. The Amherst Chamber of Commerce is affiliate sponsor.

Don Johnson: A Star Reborn

Some interviewers have found [Johnson] difficult. R.D. Heldenfels of Knight-Rider Newspapers wrote a whining piece saying Johnson was snappish and “doesn’t seem to be concerned what reporters… think about him.” But we found him most gracious and thoughtful — an endearingly nice guy. No kidding.

Don Johnson (TM)

“Nash Bridges,” which debuted in March after many delays, is a hit, increasing CBS’ time-slot ratings by 33 percent and counting. After a string of box-office flops (“Paradise,” “Born Yesterday,” “Guilty as Sin”), Johnson has found career salvation — again.