Columbia House Vol 2 Mixup Update

Here’s the latest scoop on Volume 2:

Columbia House is aware of the mixup regarding the two songs in “Calderone’s Demise”. Fans have reported that CH said they were reissuing new VHS tapes with the corrected songs, but this turns out to be untrue… the replacement tapes that people received this week also have the wrong songs on them.

Columbia House’s latest response to this is that the clearing house they are getting the tapes from apparently can change content as they see fit, including using other music. No other confirmations of this have been made, so if anyone out there has the real scoop, please let us know!

In the meantime, CH says they will be changing the tape labels to reflect the different songs. What *you* need to do is call Columbia House and inform them of your displeasure at this, and urge them to do whatever they can to get the right songs back in that episode!! The more, the merrier… maybe if enough people call, they’ll catch the drift…

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