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Know of any links to Miami Vice fanfic? Feel free to suggest getting them added here!

If any fanfic writers out there have Miami Vice stories that aren’t online anymore, and you want to get them back up online, just submit them, and we’ll see about getting them posted here! Miami Vice

An active, growing collection of Miami Vice fanfiction (23 stories and counting)

Two Chickies Miami Vice FanFic FanFiction

Crockett’s Desk: a fanfic collection by Ariane Rivendell

Heatwave, Part 1 by Mark Baranowski (1998)
Story first appeared in print in the Miami Vice Continuum, now online

EJ’s Fan Fiction Stories (This link has gone bad… new location anyone?)

CJ Green’s Miami Vice FanFic (This link has gone bad… new location anyone?)

Friends and Lovers by Allusion (This link has long since gone bad…new location anyone?)


  1. The fanfic that was on the old Chronicles site is all being restored here to the new site, so the problem that was caused when a server software upgrade broke the old site’s page viewer back in February 2008 won’t be a problem any longer.

    I’ve also recovered several old emails with fanfic submissions in them, and I’ll be getting back to the authors about those soon.

    If you have a question about submitting your own fanfic here, just fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

  2. I just found this site and, like 100’s of other fans I love it. I started reading the screenplay chapter 1 episode 1 and I cannot find the continuing chapters. Can anyone tell me how or where please?
    Thank You…

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