Karla Bonoff: “Cold Wind Blows”

Karla Bonoff composed a song, by request, that would be a Miami Vice exclusive. Since they only needed a few minutes for the scene, she gave them a beautiful and haunting partial song to use that would fit that story and that scene.

“Cold Wind Blows” debuted on Nov 29, 1985 with the airing of the Season 2 episode Bought and Paid For, guest starring Lynn Whitfield and Joaquim de Almeida.

Many Vice fans began searching for the song, but Karla had not yet finished it to the point where she would include it on an album. She had planned to, but because of touring and work on other songs, “Cold Wind Blows” fell by the wayside. For years, Karla would receive questions about the song from Miami Vice fans, but the song never was completed and released.

Many thanks to Paul Grosso, webmaster at the time for Karla’s band, Bryndle, for obtaining permission to use the unfinished clip (from the scene in the episode) here for fans of both Karla and the show


  1. Any way to get the download feature working for “Cold Wind Blows”???

    • Rahul, the download feature works.

      If you click on it, and your browser has a plugin to play MP3’s, then all you need to do is Save that page as the MP3. Or, if you right-click on the Download link (or Ctrl-click if you’re on a Mac), you should be able to save the file that way, also.

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