LeBron Vice?

It doesn’t matter how you feel about LeBron James, or his Decision, his newest Nike commercial includes a nod to Miami Vice and a cameo by Don Johnson.

How can we not like that?

Here are some screenshots of the best parts of the ad:

LeBron Vice LeBron Vice

LeBron Vice

Nike “LeBron: Rise”


  1. It was awesome to see the Don Johnson cameo! especially when they crank up the “crockets theme” in the background. He looked great too.. I thought He was lookin pretty haggard lately when I’ve seen him on tv. It made me want to see a new miami vice series starring the original Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas!

  2. Absolutely! I was thrilled! He could really play the role with a whole new insight. I, for one would love to see a new update movie or series. Come on guys! Let’s email the studio! Great job Mr Johnson. Took me back and made me look forward to more!

  3. amazing! michael mann should return to miami and do a new version of the vice, like he did with the film.
    don johnson looks as cool as ever.

  4. It was just a few seconds long, but it had that Vice spirit! Nike proved that it can be brought back!

  5. I thought DJ looked better here than I have seen him look in a long time. It was both a shock and a delight to see him in this odd commercial. I’ve watched it a dozen times – great fun to see DJ in the Crockett character looking so relaxed and fit.

  6. lisa wilcox says

    I like the commercial. Think is very cool. he is the sweethart that I still love.

  7. Thank you for this link. I am a Japanese fan. I am sad that I don’t understand he said. Because of English. Does anyone write what he said? Thank you.

  8. Fantastic with DJ…Wonder who thought of it and if they have any future plans for the real MV? (not an impostor like the movie)

  9. Can’t beat the vice, nothing comes near it — time for Hollywood to wise up and do a sequel series! Right Pal!

  10. I hate the 2000s. I want the original miami vice back!

  11. How did I not see this until now. Wow, takes me back. Don Johnson did look and sound awfully good in those few seconds… no disrespect, but there must have been some digital manipulation going on there! Notice it is shot above his waistline, wink. Still, I echo what others said… makes me want a new series!! With Don agreeing to do that walk on role, I reckon he would do it too. And Tubbs doesn’t seem busy either… heck, give me a few cameras and I will make it myself!

  12. Amen, I’ve got the script ready. Crockett is living in Key West, just being a beach bum chartering boats, trying to live the peaceful life. Tubbs is a NYC Police Captian. Castillo is still working as Vice Captian in Miami, but is in critical condition from a gun shot wound. The troops call in Tubbs and the old gang to see who is responsible and solve the case. Calderone’s son is seeking revenge on the Vice team for the death of his father 25 years earlier. Crockett is his main target. Tubbs attempts to track down Crockett with a clue from the last episode when Crockett says he’ll be relocating “somewhere further south.”

    Meanwhile Crockett’s son is a detective on the force in Miami and has not seen his father in ten years. How about Tubbs son who is still alive somewhere — guess what he is doing, and he dosen’t know who his father is yet. Someone gets kidnapped, and then Crockett, Tubbs and the gang reunite. Don’t want to reveal too much, Any idea who to contact? Great Ending too.

  13. don alex mann says

    OHH JEAH!I WANT REALLY SEE DON JHONSSON ON TV AGAIN!SAME OLD IDEA IN SERIES BUT NOW 25 YEARS LATER OFCOURSE LITTLE EASIER GOING.DON YOU ARE SEXY STILL NOW!AND PHILL CALL TO NBC AND SAY THAT CAMERA MUST BE ON NEXT WEEK.SEASON 6 START THIS AUTUM. :D:D:Dsorry bad english…but seriosly they won’t look bad even now on tv.I am sure that every 40year old goy like i should watch it and next day every man have white balzer on in job.:D:D<33

  14. Yeah, you guys are right. They could so do it again and I bet they would be up for it. Have to be careful with the soundtrack etc. Nothing has ever come close to what that series achieved.

  15. Christ, this was 8 years ago already?? Weird how he looks really old in this commercial but not that old when he was on Eastbound & Down in 2010 and 2011

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