Official Sites Vintage Shows: Miami Vice
Watch Miami Vice episodes online at for free!

Miami Vice Official Movie Site
The official website for the 2006 feature film, written and directed by Michael Mann

Miami Vice DVD Website
Alas, was only updated through Season 2, and the links to ShopNBC don’t work anymore

Jan Hammer
The official website for the creator of the “Miami Vice Theme” and for the music of Seasons 1-4

Tim Truman
The official website for Season 5’s composer

The Buffalo Club Restaurant
The Buffalo Club is a restaurant in Venice, CA, owned by “Miami Vice” creator Anthony Yerkovich

Sherry Thorup’s Homepage
Sherry was the location manager for Miami Vice and a number of other film and TV project shot in South Florida. Her Miami Vice page is full of set photos and other goodies!

Related Sites

Celebrity Wonder: Don Johnson Photos, Profile, Trivia

Miami Vice Wallpaper pics

Manhunter: The Complete Resource Site

Other Miami Vice Fan Sites

Over the years there have been a lot of Miami Vice fan sites, and unfortunately, many of the good ones have been lost to time and the lack of momentum, or traffic, or to webhosts going under. Here’s a list of some of the ones that are still online for you to check out:

Pfyre’s Ultimate Don Johnson Gallery

Keegan’s Miami Vice Notebook (may not have been updated since 1999)

RetroTV: Miami Vice: Brazilian retrospective site

Notable Sites that no longer exist

The official websites for Don Johnson, Saundra Santiago, Edward James Olmos, “Nash Bridges” have all vanished. They’re either not online at all, or the domain names lapsed and were snapped up by link farmers. The only place left to view content from any of them might be at… happy searching!