Looking for old Vice articles

I’d like to fill out the archives here for the old newspaper and magazine articles that were done on “Miami Vice”, especially the ones from during the series run and before most newspapers and magazines were putting articles online.

We have info on some articles, but even those could use some enhancement: issue numbers for TV Guide volumes, People Magazine, Rolling Stone, and many more… the more details, the better.

There are also some entries here, where all anyone ever told us were the names and dates of the magazines where an article might have appeared, and I’d love to fill in more information on those articles.

If you were a journalist or freelancer who wrote one of those articles, and can help fill in the blanks, let me know. If you have any clippings or photos, and you can scan them in, drop us a line!

Check out the list of articles that used to be online, and let us know if you can help out with these, too.

Here’s a small handful of the articles we know are out there that are needed:

* TV Guide (Sep 24, 2002) TV’s 50 Sexiest Stars (Don Johnson at #6 on men’s list, #12 overall)

* Spectator 20/2 (2000), p. 36-52. “TV nationalism: history as spectacle in ‘Miami vice'” by Stacy Takacs

* Rivista del Cinematografo (Jan/Feb 1992), p. 45. “Miami Vice” by Cinzia Baldazzi

* Journal of American Culture 15/1 (1992), p. 57-68. “Prime time crime: television portrayals of law enforcement” by Judith Grant

* People (Feb 27, 1989, cover)

* People (Jan 1, 1989, cover)

* US Magazine (October 3, 1988)

* People (May 9, 1988, cover)

* New York Times (Apr 10, 1988), sec. 2, p. 39+ [2 p.] “‘The street’ is miles from ‘Miami Vice'” by Leslie Bennetts

* TV Guide (March 19-25, 1988): If It’s Not Too Late… Here’s How Miami Vice Can Revive Its Magic

* Substance 17/1 [65] (1988), p. 77-82. “Visible sins, vicarious pleasures: Style and Vice in ‘Miami vice'” by R. L. Rutsky

* People (Nov 23, 1987, cover) p. 132-7. by R. Sanders

* Jet (Oct 12, 1987), p. 58-9. by Trudy S. Moore

* TV Guide (September 19-25, 1987): Miami Vice Breakout: It Will Be Wilder This Year by Mark Christiansen
Sit in with the writers as they hatch bold new plans to restore the series’ original flash and strong ratings

* Popular Mechanics (July 1987) p. 156. by Timothy H. Cole

* Popular Mechanics (July 1987) p. 85-9. by C. Gromer

* TV Guide (March 21-27, 1987) — Dallas Drubs the Cops: Why Miami Vice Seems to be Slipping

* New York Times, (Jan 9, 1987), p. C25 . “‘Miami Vice’ frees actor by killing Lieutenant Zito” by Leslie Bennetts

* Playboy (January 1987) — Don Johnson Interview

* New York Times (Oct 19, 1986), sec. 2, p. 31. “TV view: Real world impinges on ‘Miami vice'” by John O’Connor

* Soldier of Fortune (October 1986) (cover) — New Guns of Miami Vice

* New York (Sep 29, 1986), p. 52-8. “Soul on ‘Vice'” by Pete Hamill

* Rolling Stone (RS483: September 25, 1986) — So, You Wanna Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star?

* American Film (Sep 1986), p. 20-25+ [8 p.] “‘Vice’ is nice…” by Margy Rochlin

* Interview (September 1986) (cover)

* Motor Trend (Aug 1986), p. 89-92. by J. R. Nerad

* Esquire (Jul 1986), p. 72-4+ [6 p.] “Vice capades” by Bob Greene

* Motor Boating and Sailing (June 1986) (cover) p34-7. “The Boats of Miami Vice” by C. Davis

* Popular Mechanics (May 1986) p. 89-91. by Timothy H. Cole

* People (May 19, 1986, cover)

* Cinema papers (May 1986), p. 30-32. “Florida key: A viewer’s guide to ‘Miami Vice'” by Richard Thompson

* Forbes (Apr 7, 1986), p. 106-7. by E. Benoit

* American Cinematographer (Apr 1986), p. 113-19. “Camera: Production atmosphere for ‘Miami Vice'” by Glenn Gillis

* Rolling stone 470 (Mar 27, 1986), p. 45+ [3 p.] “Television: ‘Miami vice’ losing its virtue” by Elvis Mitchell

* Interview 16 (Mar 1986), p. 174-5. “Philip Michael Thomas” by Glenn O’Brien

* Videography (Feb 1986), p. 74-6. “‘Miami Vice’: wall-to-wall style in stereo” by Jeremy G. Butler

* Guns and Ammo (1986)

* Sightlines 19/3-4 (1986), p. 10-12. “‘Miami Vice’ & television’s new visual sophistication” by Peter P Schillaci

* Journal of Communication Inquiry 10/3 (1986), p. 45-65. “Sensual surfaces and stylistic excess: The pleasure and politics of ‘Miami vice'” by Cathy Schwichtenberg

* People (Dec 23, 1985, cover)

* Millimeter (Nov 1985), p. 156. “‘Miami Vice’ finds Miami nice” by Christine Bunish

* Essence (Nov 1985), p. 64-6+. by Laura B. Randolph

* Washington Post (Oct 16, 1985), p. B1. “Of Vice and Mann: He’s the flamingo kid behind the flash and the glitz on TV’s hottest cop show” by Art Harris

* Ebony (Sep 1985), p. 92+. by Trudy S. Moore

* Interview (Aug 1985), p. 127. “The grip of ‘Miami Vice'” by Elvis Mitchell

* Motor Boating & Sailing (Jul 1985), p. 39. by P. Whittell

* Jet (May 20, 1985), p. 60-3. by Trudy S. Moore

* Film comment (Mar/Apr 1985), p. 66-7. “Television: Men over Miami” by Richard T. Jameson

* Penthouse (Mar 1985), p. 29-30. “TV: Pop cops” by Nick Tosches

* New York (Mar 25, 1985), p. 54-65. “The high style of ‘Miami Vice'” by Walter Goodman

* New York (Feb 25, 1985), p. 38-41. “State of the art: The cool heat of ‘Miami Vice'” by John Leonard

* Newsweek (Jan 21, 1985), p. 67. “Television: ‘Miami vice’: Pop and cop” by Harry F. Waters

* New York Times (Jan 3, 1985), p. C20. “‘Miami vice’: action TV with some twists” by Sally Bedell Smith

* On Location (September 1984) p. 131-2 “The stereo-audio odyssey of ‘Miami Vice'” by Beth Anderson


  1. In searching for some of these articles, I discovered that some of the ones that were in the bigger magazines are now online.

    The awesome TIME Magazine article from September 1985 is now on the TIME website, and I’ve excerpted it and linked to it from article posting here.

    Bonus news: Because of finding that TIME article, I was able to find another article they did on Hispanics on TV, featuring Edward James Olmos, that’s now excerpted here (and linked to!)

  2. Pat Anderson says

    Two magazines not listed on your site:

    Rolling Stone March 28, 1985

    Time September 16, 1985

    Both among the best articles written on the series during it’s biggest year 1985

  3. I have the Rolling Stone Magizine, do you want it?

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