Matters of the Heart: Intro

Author’s Introduction

I am not a professional writer – only one of the many people who have loved and continue to love Miami Vice, one the greatest television shows ever produced, and who keep it alive in our hearts beyond the end of its production run.

This story is Part I of the sequel to my story ‘That’s What Friends Are For’, one vision of what could have happened in the lives of the characters that we had the good fortune to get to know and cherish over the five years that the show was in production. It tries to stay true to the characters and ambience created by Anthony Yerkovich and developed by Michael Mann, and attempts to tie up some of the lose ends that we were left with when the show finally ended in 1989.

Many thanks to Yerkovich and Mann and to the fabulous actors and actresses who made the show what it was – Don Johnson, Phillip Michael Thomas, Edward James Olmos, Saundra Santiago, Olivia Brown, Michael Talbott and Johns Diehl.

Thank you all for giving us the incredible experience that was and is Miami Vice!


Disclaimer and Ownership
This story is purely fiction and is strictly for the enjoyment of Miami Vice fans. There is no connection with Michael Mann, Anthony Yerkovich, Don Johnson, Universal, NBC or any other person, organization or group in any way officially affiliated with the Miami Vice television show. This story and the ideas contained therein are the property of the author and may not be copied without my written permission. However, all copyrights remain with their respective holders, for images, imprints, books, fan fiction, and music.

Please pass along any comments or requests directly to the author, Elizabeth Johnston


you may wish to play Crockett’s Theme as you read the story

Sonny Crockett had lost track of exactly how long he had moored the Vitus II at Salt Cay, but it had been long enough to call the small Caribbean island home. It was more than two weeks since he had pulled anchor and left its familiar, windswept shores and set a leisurely sailing pace northward. As he neared his destination, he was looking forward to setting feet on dry land again. But he wasn’t sure how it would feel to tie up in Miami after all these years.

When he left Salt Cay, he had told himself that he was only going to Miami to finish the job he had been hired by the DEA to do and to testify against Mario Fuente, the man who had tried to destroy him. He had hoped his son would make the trip with him, but something had come up, Billy said, and he wouldn’t be able to make it. So Sonny used his time alone to ponder the past, especially the events of the last few months, and contemplate where he might go and what he might do once his business in the city was finished.

Way back, after he had finished university, Sonny had volunteered for a stint in Vietnam, and when he returned home, he had joined the Miami’s Metro-Dade police department, an eager young officer with high hopes and ideals, ready to take on the bad guys and make the world a better place. His purpose and determination could only lead to one place, the division that handled the worst of the crimes against humanity, the vice squad of Metro-Dade’s Organized Crime Bureau (OCB).

But years of undercover work with Vice had taken its toll on James Sonny Crockett and turned him into a lost soul. The devastation peaked when he lost his wife Caitlin to a bullet fired in revenge and the downhill slide continued afterwards, complicated by the political subterfuge that undermined the squad’s efforts to actually do something about the illegal drug trade that was getting more and more out of control. The slide ended only when he quit the force and left the place he had called home for so many years. He headed south, but it could have been anywhere so long as it wasn’t Miami. That had been thirteen years ago, and he had vowed never to return.

He had lived on his own since then, seeking company only when he wanted it or living through it when it was thrust upon him. Not that he had been isolated all this time. There had been people in his life, but they were acquaintances more than friends. And he had worked with colleagues on assignments for various federal agencies taking down drugs and bad guys, but that was work, not pleasure.

In all that time he had tried to forget the people who had been close to him. He had suffered too much pain in the past when close relationships had ended. But no matter how hard he tried to bury the memories, the people he had loved kept creeping back into his thoughts.

And he had purposely avoided getting close to anyone new. Only once did someone come close to breaking this resolve, but maybe that was because they both knew that their time together could only be a brief respite from their oh so different and separate lives. And that short time together had become another of the memories he tried to bury and found he couldn’t.

Recent events had brought all the old memories to the surface again and had driven him to finally seek the help he needed to face the past, live in the present and look forward to the future. Those events were the reason that he found himself sailing into Biscayne Bay again – sailing into all those memories.

But the Sonny Crockett who headed into Miami this warm, sunny afternoon was a much different person, more content and more in touch with himself and who he was than the disillusioned, burned-out shadow who had fled the city he had come to believe was hell on earth. On his journey he hadn’t come to any decisions about where he would be heading or what he would do after his business here was finished, but he had confirmed the resolution he had made before he left Salt Cay – his resolution not to run away from who he was anymore.

As he gazed out at the familiar sites he had abandoned a lifetime ago and sadly eyed the changes that had occurred since he left, he felt strangely drawn back to the place that had destroyed his very being. He hadn’t known what to expect, but this feeling was definitely not it. He felt like he was returning home rather than leaving it – that Salt Cay had really only been a resting place for a while, and now he was the prodigal son heading back into the bosom of his family.