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Miami Vice audio and video clips from elsewhere on the Internet:

YouTube clips:

Russ Ballard: Voices
Jackson Browne: Lives in the Balance
Phil Collins: Take Me Home [Remix]
Godley and Creme: Cry [Remix]
Don Johnson: Heartbeat
Mr. Mister: Kyrie
The Nobodys: No Guarantees
Red 7: Heartbeat
Tommy Shaw: Girls With Guns
Steve Winwood: There’s A River
The Who: Eminence Front


  1. If you know of any stray audio clips, or video clips that aren’t on YouTube, definitely post links to them here, or over on the new forums for us all to enjoy and chat about!

  2. Anyone know where I can download a good quality video of the Opening Credits? I have season one on DVD but I’m having trouble finding/ripping the opening credits. THANKS!

  3. I used to have a video of the opening credits to the pilot movie, but I wouldn’t say the quality is all that high anymore. Old Quicktime converstion from laserdisc, but it’s tiny, 160×120… I might still have it, but there has to be a better option out there somewhere!

  4. Why are the video clips removed from the user?
    I hope all of the soundtracks to have 40 second samples
    in here.It’ll be kind of neat to hear them again.I thought
    Phil Collins did the song Tonight,Tonight,Tonight for one
    of the episodes!!!

    • It’s likely that YouTube removed the video clips since they were first posted because of infringement requests. I’ll have to go through and clean those up, see if there are any other ones that haven’t been yanked yet…

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