Memories from a Miami Vice Extra

Quoted from actor Fred Goldman:

I did an episode of Miami Vice as a drag queen. I was not a principle actor, but a special extra for the part. I played the scene with John Diehl. It was a collage at the beginning of the episode. The pic I have is with 2 other actors, one of them playing the sailor that gets stabbed by the hooker in the beginning of the story. Remember that one?

Here’s the pic. the episode was “Little Miss Dangerous”. I fooled all the crew. Not even one of the casting directors (Laurie Wyman) recognized me… nor did my own agent. they had me made up by midnight (it was a night shoot) and I was the last scene shot in the morning around 6am. they were celebrating DJ’s birthday. It was the 13th of December I think. I had just gone there to burn time as I had nothing else to do that night and one of my agents asked me to do it. The drag queen that was hired got cold feet and I was the only pro actor working that night as an extra, so they asked me to do it. I always wanted that challenge ever since I saw the movie Tootsie.

The other two in the picture were also in that episode.


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