Miami Vice: 30 Years, and Counting

Today’s the day.

30 years ago today, Miami Vice premiered on NBC, and the world of television entertainment changed almost immediately.

Miami Vice (1986)

The style of the sets and the fashions, the boldness of the cops and the bad guys, the bright, surreal day shots melding with the murky noir night shots, and the music — oh, the impact the music had on the scenes and how we viewers felt… that’s the real production breakthrough.

As someone who in the past had been sorely disappointed by replacement music on various TV show DVD sets, I’m appreciative and grateful that NBC Universal took an extra few years to get all the music clearances they needed to give us all 5 seasons on DVD in a relatively short period of time.

History stretches on.

The original version of this website was the second Miami Vice source on the still shiny and new World Wide Web when it came online in 1996, and most of its contents have been on the Internet as the original text lists and guides had been compiled by myself and two others and posted on the old newsgroups since 1986.

Over those years I collected whatever Miami Vice related books, toys, magazines, and other collectibles I could find, and made note of the ones that seemed to have disappeared, or that I couldn’t afford.

I truly had intended to have a complete site overhaul completed in time for this anniversary, but this project still is a one-woman show, and maintaining work that pays the bills has to take precedence.

The overhaul plan is still proceeding, albeit slowly, but one good thing is that website tools and tricks keep improving, so I can finally replace the clunky old image gallery with something better; I can improve the links between the episode and music guides, and even put a better FAQ/Q&A section in place.

And we can all continue to be fans of this show for another few decades.


  1. Great article, great website.

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