Miami Vice and other Michael Mann productions on Laserdisc

The Miami Vice movies “Miami Vice” and “Prodigal Son” may be still available on laserdisc, but expect laserdisc to no longer be a popular format by 2001 or so… fewer and fewer new titles are becoming available. I think several mail-order laserdisc houses may still be able to get the movies for you new, but the best bets now may end up being used laserdisc bins as well as eBay.

“Band of the Hand” and “Manhunter” are out of print on laserdisc, but rumor has it “Manhunter” is to be rereleased with the extra footage sometime in the coming year. “Band of the Hand” might be easy to find through used laserdisc channels at exceptionally low prices.

The remastered version of “Thief” is available on DVD, and you might still be able to find some copies of it on laserdisc. “Heat” is also a popular DVD title now, and readily available.

Still no info yet on availability of the existing 10 volumes on DVD, nor whether they will ever make more episodes available… sorry.