Mirror Image

Episode #090

Air Date: 6 May 1988 (NBC)
Director: Richard Compton
Teleplay: Robert Palm & Daniel Sackheim
Story: Daniel Sackheim & Nelson Oramas

Episode Summary

An explosion during an undercover assignment causes the Vice squad to believe Crockett’s dead; Crockett sustains a concussion that leads him to believe he is his drug dealer alter-ego Burnett and go to work for a Colombian crime boss

Guest Cast
Chris Cooper
Brent Jennings
Tony Azito
Julia Roberts
Antonio Fargas
Additional Cast
Ellen Beck
Gino Cabanas
Robert Escobar
Michael George Owens
Robert LaGamba
Artie Malesci
Jon Matchen
Camille Sands
Freddie St. Jude
Featured Music
Big Pig, Money God
Tangerine Dream, Alpha Centauri
Echo & The Bunnymen, Bed Bugs & Ballyhoo



Production Credits

Created by

Anthony Yerkovich


Richard Brams

Music Composed and Conducted by

Jan Hammer

Executive Producer

Michael Mann

Co-Executive Producer

Dick Wolf


Bonnie Timmermann


Michael Duggan

Associate Producer

Daniel Sackheim

Story Editor

David Black

Story Editor

Robert Palm

Director of Photography

Oliver Wood

Art Director

Eva Anna Bohn

Edited by

Robert A. Daniels

Unit Production Manager

Lou Fusaro

First Assistant Director

Robert D. Simon

Second Assistant Director

Bruce Alan Solow

Miami Casting by

Lori S. Wyman
Cheryl A. Louden

Casting Assistant

Majorie W. Morhaim

Set Decorator

Robert J. Lacey, Jr.

Supervising Sound Effects Editor

Scott Hecker

Music Editor

Dino A. Moriana


Joe Foglia

Costumes by

Richard Shissler

In Collaboration with

Eduardo Castro

Stunt Coordinator

Paul Nuckles

Visual Consultant

Joel Lang

Titles & Optical Effects

Universal Title