Red 7: “Heartbeat”


Red 7’s “Heartbeat” seems to have been a favored song choice of Michael Mann’s.

He used it in 1985, in the episode Nobody Lives Forever, then again in 1986, over the closing credits of his feature film Manhunter (which I think is the superior adaptation of Thomas Harris’ “Red Dragon”, but that’s an argument for another forum). Actress Kim Griest, who played Sonny’s girlfriend Brenda in “Nobody Lives Forever”, also played Will Graham’s wife Molly in Manhunter, and Michael Talbott played a hard put upon real estate agent in the film.

The band was produced by Mike Rutherford (of Genesis and Mike + The Mechanics), but never caught on, despite such high profile usage of a track from their eponymous first album. To make matters worse, that first album featuring “Heartbeat” was hard-to-find back in 1985-87, and the fact that it was never released on CD makes it even more rare today (cassette and vinyl being the only options).

The song was available on the Manhunter soundtrack — again, only in vinyl and cassette, and that soon became hard-to-find as well.

Recently, the 2-CD set “Music from the Films of Michael Mann” was released, and contains “Heartbeat”, along with several other songs from Manhunter, so the song is finally available on CD.

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  1. DaytonVicer says

    Red 7’s 1985 release is available on CD.

    • And confirms that… wonder when that happened. I’d never seen it in stores, and that was one that I would have caught my eye if I’d ever seen it. I never thought to look for it anymore, since it came out on the Manhunter soundtrack, then later on the Michael Mann compilation.

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