Screenplay: Crockett Returns to Miami…Vice?

Title: Crockett Returns to Miami…Vice???
Written by: Rick Eager
read about the background of this screenplay here

Synopsis: A two hour Miami Vice TV Reunion movie with the original cast, taking place in Miami today. In the last episode, Crockett and Tubbs tossed their badges to the ground, walking away forever. Crockett (burned out) headed south on a boat and Tubbs headed back to New York, later making Captain. Everyone comes together to celebrate Castillo’s retirement, who gets murdered before the party favors arrive. Crockett, who vowed never to be a cop again, and Tubbs are the only logical choice to investigate. Written in true Miami Vice form, its very cinematic with a music over from Genesis that turns visual on screen with a murder and has a surprise ending. See how our favorite characters have evolved and how it could open the door for a second generation Miami Vice TV series, with a heritage and ties to the original series.

WGAw Reg # 1322759

94 pages/minutes

Genre: Action, Drama and Comedy — written by a fan for the fans.

Note: Franchise and Music rights not secured.


  1. I was very curious after reading the above articles as to what new twist Mr.Eager could come up with for such an all-time classic series for the multitude of die hard Miami Vice fans. I was impressed with the amount of research, detail, thought, and seemingly painstaking hours that were put into this script. From the articles, you get the feeling of a very passionate writer. I will admit that the real impression came after reading his script. I would definitly pay to see this if it were to be made into a movie sometime in the future, and would love to see it turn into a possible new series. I think his ideas and visions are not far fetched at all. Wouldn’t that be great to add a new series worth watching to our weekly programs?! I encourage anyone that is a Miami Vice fan to download this script & see for yourself.

  2. Rick that’s what I mean working with Heart


    Fabio Pirovano

  3. I have read a bit of the screenplay and it looks very well though out. Im looking forward to finishing it.
    Anyone else that may be interested, I located something else and thought I would pass it on. I was hooked on this one by the 5th page. Well worth the look.

  4. This is a great idea, but I do have reservations.
    Is there a place for this after the movie brought the characters into our modern world?
    I have absolute respect for people with the creativity and drive to come up with this, but… there could be seen to be similarities with the Homicide-Life on the Street mini movie (ex-captain killed, old detectives come back to solve….)
    If it is made I will definately watch/buy it, but it has to have the gritty edge and be relevant.
    Good luck.

  5. Ricks script was wonderful. A truely well thought out work that is a great tribute and modern day tie in to the original series.

  6. Just wondering if there is anything in the works for filming a Reunion show. Loved the script. I have seen Don Johnson wants to do a reunion tv movie/ I can not imagian Phillip Michael Thomas has anything going on that he couldn’t get away from. When are they going to bring these guys back on the screen.

  7. Tom (From NY) says

    If their going to do a reunion movie, they better do it within the next 5 years. I read the script and this script is very done professionally. The way the script is written, this script could make it work. The 2006 movie was alright. I was sort of disappointed by it though. Anyhow goodluck on trying to get the script thru. If a reunion movie is in the works, I will be watching it.

  8. Interesting script but sounds too close to the episode “Deliver Us from Evil”. Only Crockett didn’t run afterward.

  9. Matt Cornish says

    Just read the whole script on my laptop, standing at the counter in my kitchen. A very nice piece of work if I may say so.

    I agree with a previous poster that the “feel” is very close to that of “Deliver us from Evil” with Frank Hackman – especially the final “scene” with Castillo on the island, but there is nothing wrong with that.

    Castillo would certainly be capable of such a thing bearing in mind he was ex-Int / SF as we saw in some of the original episodes.

    A nice move in bringing in Crockett and Tubbs’ sons – perhaps that would be the building block for a Miami Vice II TV run with Sonny and Rico in the background as guest stars?

    Whilst I am a die-hard Vice fan, I wonder if times have moved on too far for this project to reach fruition on the small screen. MV was ground breaking in its day but – shock horror – that first “day” was a quarter of a century ago… As we see with “current” TV Police Shows (in both the UK and the US) styles have changed. This was true with the MV Movie, which seemed “darker” somehow.

    I for one would love to see this script made into a TV movie, but I wonder if the networks have the appetite for it.

    One last though: MV the Movie would have been more enjoyable for me had it not been called “Miami Vice”. Too many memories for it to compare to and I think it suffered somewhat in the eyes of those of us who remember the original. A bit like the terrible re-make of “The Italian Job” – A seminal British classic from the sixties, murdered by Hollywood.

    Rick – Keep up the good work and I hope my post is not too much of a downer.



  10. Think about if miami vice could have been on HBO with no restrictions something on the lines of the sopranos anyway dig the old vice and would love to see the old crew back together again

  11. Just read the script. Overall, I’d give it a C. Why? Well…

    Typos. No place for them in a script that’s taking on MV.

    Sonny is the focus, but what does he DO? We see an arc, he changes, but what does he DO to solve Castillo’s murder? Where are the close calls with him and Tubbs? Where does his hope fade and get brought back?

    The ending didn’t fly. Castillo would have to have had a complete character breakdown to do what he did, and in a million years, THAT would never happen.

    The scene descriptions were too long. You need tighter phrases. The dialog came close in some cases, but it all too nice, too soft. Sonny’s attitude came through here and there.

    The boat was kinda missed with Sonny and Tubbs’ kids. They should have been developed a lot more.

    Now, with all this said… it’s not a bad idea. But it needs a lot of work to get to the level of what a MV reunion would need to be…

  12. Please please bring back Miami Vice

  13. miami vice .iam ready for the come back i have every epasoide and many cds of music i have bought on line like godly and cream.what date will the return happen on

  14. If the likes of Columbo can solve crimes at his age then so can our favourite 2 Miami cops. Very much a show from the 80’s but if that concept was still adapted with a touch of updated fashion, placement of products and the music (some 80’s) i’d be a happy man. The old hits are very much being used nowadays. Look at Journey’s big hit, we hear it all the time. Philip Michael Thomas said not too long ago he misses it big time. Just get Don to sign up for it. He’s doing theatre work but give him a decent script and we can enjoy our favourite show once again.

  15. P.S Just been browsing on YouTube and watched a clip of Don on an Italian TV show from last year. He was asked about doing the show again and he gave ‘maybe’ answer. That’s encouraging to hear.

  16. lisa wilcox says

    I love screenplay the ending was great. Thank you for writing the story. sonny& rico and every one on the show was great.

  17. I loved Miami Vice it has to be one of the best cop shows on tv besides Nash Bridges could you also start showing that cop show on tv Don Johnson is HOT plus he always drove a hot car!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I love MV. Always have, I want to b the first to know when they come back with the reunion show. I think that it would b nice to have crocket an tubbs both have children but make it low key. Try to stay as much loyal to the true characters as u can. I hope whatever happens that is true to the old show as they can, maybe upgrade to a point as far as scenery and culture just like ” THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN”


  19. I like the script. I’m a huge MV fan, and have seen every episode. My critique would be that the script tries to incorporate EVERYTHING from the series. Izzy and Noogie. The mechanic for the car… ect.. OK OK, I know it’s a re-union and should have that. It just seemed to jump around alot on getting everyone in as opposed to making the story more grounded. I say this because I would LOVE to see a few years of Miami Vice again. With the original cast. I think you could incorporate a lot of the things the seemed to be crammed into the one script spread out over a few seasons. I didn’t care much for the Miami Vice movie with Collin Ferrel. Didn’t seem to capture me like the show did. For me outside the stories was all the high fashion clothes, cars, boats, the high dollar stuff.
    Crockett as a Captain… OK… but that sort of precludes him from being “out and about” in the Ferrari after the bad guys if a series were to ensue. How bout in charge of a small task force made up of the originals. Sort of like the first season of THE WIRE on HBO. Somehow tie Tubbs into a huge investigation that requires him leaving New York (similar to the first episode) and you’re off and running. Get Crockett into a brand new Ferrari, get the high class criminals under everyone’s skin and it’ll be great!
    Seemingly to me, you can run two or three seasons on one plot. A lot like Burn Notice, trying to work thru dozens of episodes to a huge ending. The story with Castillo and running down how he put everything together to get his revenge and get away seems to be a perfect thing for the Vice team to get to the bottom of. With of course all the side stories you can think of for each episode as they work their way to catching up with Castillo. Ya know, all the bad guys who’ll get taken down in the murders, and what not along the way.
    All in all I love the script and will wait and see with much anticipation as to it materializing into a TV Movie. Will add it to the collection if it ever does. Biggest hope would be seeing the show come back to life for a couple more years.

  20. I am a fanatic for the old miami vice series i wish they would bring them back together for a reunion i read the script but didn’t like the part of castillo setting up his own death and turning into a bad cop he was always by the book but he also always seemed cold with no emotion. It was good that they introduced crockett and tubbs son, but never mentioned about tubbs first child who was actually taken out of the car from his mother angelina. Tubbs first child is still alive and i have watched these reruns repeatedly. There were so many things unresolved with the series, but i wish michael mann brings it back it would be so exciting to see

  21. I am a 30 fan of Vice. I know the show in and out and have seen every episode numerous times. I have to say without a doubt this is an excellent piece of work. This would fly with us old timers and appeal to a new audience. If Hollywood doesn’t pick this up then they are missing out.My sincere compliments to the write. You have thought of everything!!

  22. cesar. Rodriguez says



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