Screenplay: Crockett Returns (Updated)

Title: Crockett Returns to Miami…Vice???
Written by: Rick Eager
* read about the recent changes Rick’s working to take advantage of to get this project underway
* read about the background of this screenplay

Synopsis: A two hour Miami Vice TV Reunion movie with the original cast, taking place in Miami today. In the last episode, Crockett and Tubbs tossed their badges to the ground, walking away forever. Crockett (burned out) headed south on a boat and Tubbs headed back to New York, later making Captain. Everyone comes together to celebrate Castillo’s retirement, who gets murdered before the party favors arrive. Crockett, who vowed never to be a cop again, and Tubbs are the only logical choice to investigate. Written in true Miami Vice form, its very cinematic with a music over from Genesis that turns visual on screen with a murder and has a surprise ending. See how our favorite characters have evolved and how it could open the door for a second generation Miami Vice TV series, with a heritage and ties to the original series.

WGAw Reg # 1322759
94 pages/minutes
Genre: Action, Drama and Comedy — written by a fan for the fans.
Note: Franchise and Music rights not secured.

Screenplay (2011 version): Crockett Return’s To Miami…Vice? by Rick Eager

Screenplay (2015 update): A Miami Vice Reunion Movie: It’s Still Possible!


  1. says

    Yeah that sounds very cool, please keep me posted,.. I just got done watching HOME INVADERS , broke the DVD control,.. just letting the episodes play through on the Season One collection until EVAN.I would appreciate any links to other chat sites. I’m sure you all caught DJ on the Miami football advertisement a while back. Have you seen the new Bren -Ten ” Vice Special “, they do or will have them out soon. What did Crockett carry on his leg? Smith @ Wesson ? Later PAL.

  2. Crockett carried a Detonics Combat Master in his ankle rig.
    Yes I own that gun AND a Bren Ten.

  3. Im heavily supporting this Vice Special.Im definitly creating a facebook group page to help support it.

  4. Please! Don’t kill Castillo!

  5. Crockett carried the Bren ten and the detonics combo up until the show started having problems with the problematic bren tens working as blank firing props. The show then got an offer from smith and wesson to supply crocketts guns. After the switch to s&w he then carried a s&w 745 with the detonics as his back up. He then was switched to s&w latest auto the 4506 with a matching 4516 as his back up.

  6. Crockett introduced him self and his partners in a low down club,.. Smith @ Wesson.

    ” This here’s a flare gun sucker…..” Little trivia ,… Doesn’t anybody post comments on here anymore? I lived with my Aunt in Cocoa Beach in the early ’80’s ,…they wouldn’t let us leave that stucko house! @ BOB keep the info coming!

  7. Todd Clark says

    It would be so awesome to see a reunion show!! Wish the series did not end after five seasons I believe it could have lasted many more.

  8. Is there a show/ movie coming out? Or just the idea of one?

  9. Where’d everyone go? Any updates on the project or is it DOA?

  10. I know I am way late to this site and my comments refer back to the 2006 movie, but am I the only one who was thoroughly disappointed with the Miami Vice movie back in 2006. I can’t believe how royaly they screwed that up. More surprising was the fact is was produced by the original producers and creator. There are at least 20 something episodes that were way better than that movie. My thought was to go back to the Calderon saga. I thought the casting was ok with colin farrell and jamie foxx but they had no chemistry together on the screen. They made a huge mistake with casting Castillo. He was a character that had a cult following and they totally screwed it up. I could go on and on about the movie and how horrible it was, one last mention, what was up with the film the was used in shooting the movie. Very grainy and dark.

    I think Miami Vice is such a great franchise that they should do more with it. Either do a reunion type tv movie or a complete 2010s re-do for a television series.

  11. Drop the political bias in your script (Trudy’s “Republican” crack near the beginning). A. Most cops are conservative. B. It alienates some of your viewers. C. It’s not very funny and is just a thinly veiled jab, serving no purpose. One thing great about Vice was that they stayed away from the political stuff. It was a show everyone could watch and enjoy. Leave the political commentary at the door, it makes you look like an amateur.


  13. I would love to see a Vice Reunion. Please! Don’t kill Castillo! He is the Rock that hold all the other characters in place. I just watched the show where Tubbs thinks that his son is killed and receive a message from Caldorom saying that he will be back.I would like to see a show where 30 years later Tubbs discover that his son is not dead. The team get back together to help him find his son and destroy his enemy.

    • I stopped watching this series when the writers killed Tubbs baby and lover, baby’s mother, in a cruel explosion. They buried a casket each, one for mother, tiny one for the son. Without them commenting otherwise, we have to conclude they found and buried both bodies. This was beyond tasteless and ruthless, for lack of better writing.
      But my heart is with yours, wanting his son alive. Calderon is killed in S01E05 “Calderon’s Demise”.
      Perhaps they can now say that the baby’s casket was symbolic, never having found the baby, assuming that blast would vaporize that tiny tyke. Wasn’t the baby in the arms of a captor, who opened a back door to leave just as the blast went off. I remember holding on to that hope, then sickened when they showed the two caskets. It was GOODBYE MIAMI VICE for me. Your idea for searching for the son would make great story!

      • The baby wasn’t killed, he had been taken away from the car snd why did they show two coffins-it is a question nobody can answer. The MV Wiki says that the baby was kidnapped and then the makers of MV changed in season 3 so they forgot about this fact. Or desided simply not to return to this theme. But all MV sources say that the baby survived.

      • And Calderone, Orlando, who kidnapped his baby, was killed by Rico in 3rd season. All Calderones were killed.

  14. I agree with D Brown about the Miami Vice movie. It’s a great movie if you’re looking for something to help you sleep. For one thing no one can play Sonny Crockett except Don Johnson. A movie with the original cast would be great.
    Does anyone know anything about Greenwich Studios (formerly Ivan Tors Studios) in Miami where the TV series was filmed? I would love to take a tour of the studios. I drove up to the studio doors last time I was in Miami. Of course I’m sure the had more security during the 80’s when Miami Vice was being filmed there.

  15. I agree that leaving politics out of it is the best way to go. Just as “TheB” mentioned, most Law Enforcement Officers be it Local, State, or Federal, most are conservative and vote on the Republican side usually, however are also pro-union, as most, if not all of us are members of labor unions. (I serve on the Federal level). I wish that the original Miami Vice TV series could have, and should have continued until “Nash Bridges” aired.

    The 2006 movie was AWFUL and it is hard to believe the original production crew had anything to do with it.

    I sincerely hope that a new movie is made, properly this time.

  16. Hey I’m late to this and dnt know if any of this goin to happen. But looking over some of the posts are 7really nice! First of all, YES…I’m a HUGE MV fan!!! I watch the reruns TODAY!! And they are a lot better than the new stuff on now!!!! I have it on NOW on Centric! TRUE, NOBODY can play Crockett and Tubbs but Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas!! TRUE, they NEED to do a reunion and turn it a an updated tv series! Miami Vice has a cult following despite what people are saying! That series was ahead of its time, in its prime!! The reruns are better than what’s on tv NOW!! So there is no choice but to bring it back!!! Don and Phillip had a chemistry better than Fred and Ginger!!! And btw, the vice movie….DID SUCK!!!! The shows that had Calderon was CLASSIC!!!

  17. does anyone know the name of the episode where it ends with one of thee main characters flying off to his death in a small plane?

  18. Love the idea, suggest some changes. Crockett walked out on Castillo in last episode so it is unlikely that he would go back for a retirement. What would work is if Caroline’s (Always loved her and her character was very important to Sonny’s character) husband is gone for whatever reason, and something happens to Billy while on the force. She cannot find Sonny and so the only one she can think of is Tubbs. Rico goes and finds Sonny and brings him back and this causes Sonny to rejoin the group to findout what happened to Billy.
    Stan can have his issues and maybe write in a dream sequence to bring Larry Zito back for an appearance to “help” Stan resolve his problems.
    Still need to keep Izzy and figure out a way to write in a deceased Noogman.
    Agree that Castillo cannot turn dirty, no way not at all. Can still retire but it should be a side note. The rest will be good side plots.
    Just my simple rantings and two cents worth!
    Thanks for listening

  19. In keeping with Johnny’s idea above Rico’s son who is raised as a Calderone is responsible for Billy’s injury. Would give a very tense plot line between Sonny and Rico ending with Rico having to make the final shot leaving the outcome unknown, did he shoot Sonny or his son?

    • Miamivice101 says

      In this day of friends losing friends I personally look at Sonny and Ricco as True friends and it would put this true friendship as non-existent

  20. Miamivice101 says

    I believe that the TV station that would invest in this Reunion project would steal the spotlight and the ratings and would knock a homerun financially…… Please bring back Miami Vice, but with style not like other reunions

  21. IpitytheFool says

    Id like to see a new vice uodated,but please dont recreat another Hawaii 5-0 type scenerio.It sucks ballzys.

    • Johnson0420 says

      Over the month I was thinking the same thing. Bring out a new Vice with the same characters, but make it more up to date. Make some small changes, but leave everything else such as the opening theme in place. Use both the Jan Hammer and Tim Truman scores as well, but use the scores based on the tone of each episode.

  22. Joey Gravins says

    I loved the original Miami Vice. I dont think it would be possible to do a new Miami vice,and still have it as good as the original. One of the many things Miami Vice had going for it at the time was. In the late 70s to late 80s Miami really was the center of the illegal drug trade. Most of the episodes of Miami Vice were taken from real life events In Miami.

  23. Vicki DePoyster says

    Please make a remake with all original cast this show was the Best TV series on… So please make a reunion show you got to love Miami Vice….

  24. I want to seem a reunion as well, it would be interesting to see the difference between the 80’s era and today. Including an older but same cast.

  25. Been a fan of miami vice since I was a kid…. I’m watching the reruns on esquire right now…. Love them…. They should have Crockett and tubs also in them and maybe add some fresh new meat to them… Miami is always gonna be a popular spot and people loved miami vice… Why do you think the vice city video was the most popular? It was like playing miami vice…

  26. i agree, the MOVIE stinks, even J.Foxx had told M. Mann not do it that way. The original cast will only work. WE WANT OUR reunion MIAMI VICE KNOW

  27. Wow! This screenplay blew my mind! I don’t want to give out nothing for those who haven’t read it yet,but I cannot believe what’s going on with Castillo! Are you sure this is cannon for the show? This is a great beginning for another new season, even with just the first episode there is plenty of material to make at least

  28. This synopsis sounds amazing, I’m sure my dad would get a kick out of it; he always tells stories about his days on the show and on set. Good luck with everything, I would love to read the screen play.

    – Philip Michael Thomas Jr.

  29. Burnett and Cooper says

    I think a Miami Vice reunion film with the original version tv cast would be most excellent. You could totally incorporate the Vice team into 2015 Miami and have famous people like Lebron James and D Wade, feature some of Pitbull’s music and the most up to date technology as extras to add modern Miami into mix. I just finished watching Freefall part 2 on the DVR from El Rey network on Xfinity. I have seasons 1-3 on DVD… Need to get 4 &5. In closing, I grew up in the 80s, watched Miami Vice and became a cop because of the show.

    • I liked the 70’s growing up however the 80’s was the best time ever to be alive and especially to experience. I too became a cop in NJ . and every time I watch an episode of Miami Vice I loose myself in it and it takes me back . it just doesn’t get any better!

  30. Matthew Alan Roberts says

    I love Miami Vice and have a question that has bothered me for decades. In episode 89 from season 4 titled Deliver Us From Evil (the second best Vice episode ever next to Red Tape with Lou Diamond Phillips), Crockett kills Frank Hackman (Guy Boyd in a stirring, evil, performance) at the end of the show. As Crockett walks away, a shot from behind Hackman shows Hackman holding what looks to me to be a gun in his hand. This makes no sense since Hackman just told Crockett that Crockett could never kill an unarmed man before Crockett said “wrong” and rightly blasted Hackman for murdering Crockett’s wife, unborn son, partner, and a bunch of other people.

    Was that a gun in Hackman’s hand after he was dead or something else (he had a book in his hands before being shot)? Why ruin the drama of the scene with a gun if it was a gun because it was a major point that Crockett no longer cared about rules, such as armed versus unarmed? When they did the same type scene in the 2 part Magnum PI episode titled Have You Seen The Sunrise with Magnum killing the unarmed, evil, Russian Yuri, that scene was not ruined by anything in Yuri’s hand as Miami Vice did here. I wanted Hackman tortured to death slowly, but if he was to be killed with 1 shot, then his hands should have been totally empty to show how far over the line Crockett went and how much Hackman deserved to die despite being unarmed.

    • Rick Eager says

      The whole Hackman thing really bothered me for years as well. The biggest thing comes from a writers point of view in that a promise was made, but unfulfilled, “To Be Continued” but it never again was revisited. I wondered if this “bothered” anyone else other than me, as you are the first person that I’m aware of to address it. I did a rewrite and polished the reunion screenplay to bring it more up to date (after all when’s the last time you saw a pay phone?) It will be featured here on this site soon, so keep an eye out for it and download it.

      The new version of the reunion screenplay brings some closure to the whole Hackman issue, while justifying Castillo’s actions. I watched both episodes (re: Hackman) several times and noticed something really different about the Hackman character. He actually uses both hands to fire weaponry. He seems ambidextrous. Usually one hand for hand guns and another for long stock. As a writer I found this interesting for his character and addressed that as well. I don’t want to give too much away, so you’ll have to wait for the new screenplay.

      Thank you, Mathew for bringing up what I think a few of us has often wondered… and will be addressed 🙂 !!!

      Blessings All ~ Rick Eager

      • I thought I would add, if you’re curious, that in this episode at 23:30 minutes is where Sonny has asked for a transfer, and the lieutenant tells Sonny, the bullet that killed Hackman’s wife came from Hackman’s gun. Sonny thinking he had hit her in the crossfire, was not true. Hackman killed his own wife, blaming Sonny, and wrongly avenged his wife’s death with brutally killing Sonny’s wife. I would have wanted Sonny to burn him with that truth before sending him to burn in hell!

    • Guys, here is the point of that final scene….it showed that Hackman was a lying snake all the way to his final moment on Earth, until Crockett made the world “that much lighter” and blew Hackman away… first the audience is shocked to see Crockett do sonething so callous and put aside the rules….and then they see the gun fall from Hackman’s hand, hiding behind the book….and think “ah, Crockett knew he was armed, that scumbag Hackman was lying again and got what he deserved”….and after a second, the audience starts to wonder if Crockett really did know, or did he just execute Hackman and toss out the rule book? In the end, each one of us is left to come to their own conclusion, which is what makes that scene so damn brilliant!

      I chose to think Crockett did NOT know, and chose to become judge, jury and executioner….his wife was dead, the nihlistic situation that was his job had won, and this state of mind is what made it so easy for him to slip into his alter ego Burnett after the boat blast. He was not going to let the cycle that was Hackman keep going, and put him down like the rabid dog he was…..

    • Matthew and Rick, the ending of Deliver Us from Evil was simpler than you make of it. Sonny handing Hackman the Crucifix back, was saying, ‘what you claimed deceivingly to be your hope and salvation when you were facing the chair, you are going to need for real right now, so prepare to die, say your prayers.’ Hackman is struck by this, but only momentarily, we see his face go somber, then slyly recovers as his cunning comes to mind, and he tries his slick tongue on Crockett, once again as before. He taunts Crockett with his last victory, spitefully saying ‘just like I knew you would work to free me if I fooled you to believe I didn’t kill your friend, I am just as sure and right in knowing you would not shoot me now since I’m convincing you that I am UNarmed.’ To this Crockett shoots him then replies, “WRONG”. Meaning, ‘Wrong, you’re not fooling me again, I saw you pull your gun.’ Then we see Crocket walk away with his own gun still carried in his right hand, and we see that Hackman was armed and had tried to bluff Sonny, if even momentarily just to give himself the edge to draw his gun and shoot Sonny by surprise. Hackman leaning back and closing his eyes was part of his scam, to look the part of what he claimed. But Sonny knew that what this man sells so convincingly is the OPPOSITE of what to expect. So Hackman drew but Sonny was ready, and SHOT HACKMAN IN SELF DEFENSE. The Sonny we knew and respected had not changed.

      The writers intended the double entendre, that we would think Sonny shooting Hackman, then saying “wrong” could mean that Sonny threw in the towel and went renegade in that case, since Hackman killed his wife and unborn child, and worse, Hackman had the gall to now gloat ‘I guess we’re even.’ We would forgive Sonny for shooting him regardless if armed, and we would tend to think Sonny did. So where Hackman did NOT fool Sonny, we discover the writers DID fool us – for a few moments at least. So who is playing who a fool?

      Well, to those clever writers I don’t put this pass them either, that Sonny was replying “wrong” to Hackman’s belief that Hackman killing Sonny’s wife had made them even. It didn’t, because it was NOT Sonny’s bullet that took out the murder he was avenging – it was Hackman’s own bullet. And Hackman goes to his grave not knowing this.

      So be sure of this much, Sonny never broke in deserving our trust in him being a good cop, no matter the test.

    • Everyone knew the animosity between Crockett and Hackman so one possibility was he put his “throwaway” in his hand or maybe put a gun in Hackman’s hand and put the gun to his head and Sonny pulled the trigger making it look like a suicide.

  31. Crockett_Fan says

    I love the idea of the reunion! I hope it’s still given some thought!!!

  32. Filmklassik says

    People are going through mental hoops to justify Sonny saying “Wrong” at the end of DELIVER US FROM EVIL in reply to Hackman’s cocksure statement that Sonny would never shoot an unarmed man, even though the last (or next-to-last) shot makes it clear that Hackman WAS armed .

    It’s obvious that the writers wanted Sonny to blow away an UNARMED Hackman, but that someone (NBC… Don Johnson… SOMEONE) got cold feet and had them place a pistol in the villain’s hand.

    Kinda like George Lucas going back and having the Bounty Hunter shoot first in order to “protect” the integrity of Han Solo, this was a cowardly move on someone’s part, and undermined half the power and most of the “coolness” of what could have we been a legendary MV moment.

  33. Does anyone know the name of the red haired detective/ actor who sat behind tubbs in the OCB squad room throughout the series

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