Don Johnson: A Star Reborn

Some interviewers have found [Johnson] difficult. R.D. Heldenfels of Knight-Rider Newspapers wrote a whining piece saying Johnson was snappish and “doesn’t seem to be concerned what reporters… think about him.” But we found him most gracious and thoughtful — an endearingly nice guy. No kidding.

Don Johnson (TM)

“Nash Bridges,” which debuted in March after many delays, is a hit, increasing CBS’ time-slot ratings by 33 percent and counting. After a string of box-office flops (“Paradise,” “Born Yesterday,” “Guilty as Sin”), Johnson has found career salvation — again.

Don, But Not Out

A decade after he nearly drove the hosiery industry into bankruptcy playing Florida’s coolest cop on the seminal ’80s crime drama Miami Vice, Johnson, 46, is returning to TV, as the executive producer and star of a new CBS detective series called Nash Bridges (premiering March 29).

Miami Vice Comes To Jello Biafra

The Odd Couple: Miami Vice Comes To Jello Biafra

Philip Michael Thomas: 10 (or so) Years Later

Thomas is negotiating another deal for an R&B record, as well as children’s songs. So while the days of pastel blazers, T-shirts, cool shades, and white shoes (with no socks) are over, Thomas’s career is definitely not.

Tangerine Dream: The Dream Never Ends

We heard that Michael originally was interested in us because Thief was quite a big success for him personally and it was a kind of music that had not been heard in movie theaters before. So when he started thinking about the score for Miami Vice, he thought about us too.

Don Johnson in Hot Water at CBS

CBS is cracking down on Don Johnson because his new cop show, Off Duty, is turning into a bust. With no pilot, cast, or script, the show may not be ready for midseason.

Encyclopedia of Television: Miami Vice

Miami Vice earned its nickname of “MTV cops” through its liberal use of popular rock songs and a pulsating, synthesized music track created by Jan Hammer. Segments of it closely resembled music videos–as quickly edited images, without dialogue, were often accompanied by contemporary hits such as Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

Cozy Again

At 31, [Melanie Griffith] is proving a stunning talent, despite a half life of dissolute behavior. With her success in Working Girl, she has reclaimed her health, her professional reputation and her man, Don Johnson, that other pretty blond who was her husband for less than a year when she was a teenager.

The Surprising Truth About Don Johnson

Why is it surprising that Don Johnson speaks of woman, loving them, with such gentle, romantic tenderness? “I love to know a woman’s passionate secrets. Then there are no boundaries, no rules.” And why is it startling that Don, in person, is witty, courtly? His sexuality, sharp as musk, is hardly a shock. It has been wafting through television tubes for five seasons via Miami Vice. But that he’s articulate, even eloquent, it somehow unsettling, and that fact troubles Don too.