Burning With Passion

“We now have the man who plays Lieut. Castillo on Miami Vice,” he begins, and a few of the couple of hundred so-called wards, most of whom are in their teens and early 20s, start to applaud. As Edward James Olmos, award-winning actor and star of the film Stand and Deliver, walks down the aisle, some of the men reach out to shake his hand, while others stare stiffly ahead.

Miami Vice Breakout

Sit in with the writers as they hatch bold new plans to restore the series’ original flash and strong ratings

Perry Mason Meets Sonny Crockett

Perry Mason Meets Sonny Crockett: The History of Lawyers and the Police as Television Heroes, by Stephen D. Stark, University of Miami Law Review, Sep 1987

New Guns of Miami Vice

Cover Story: Soldier of Fortune Magazine, Oct 1986

So You Wanna Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star?

Rolling Stone (RS483) | September 25, 1986

Don Johnson: Interview Magazine

Cover Story: Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, September 1986

Hollywood Calls Too Often

Does Froese, who arguably helped pioneer the musical strategy that has contributed so much to the success of “Vice,” feel just a little ripped off that Tangerine Dream didn’t get in on the “Vice” action?

The Boats of Miami Vice

Cover story: Motor Boats and Sailing Magazine

Glenn Frey: Interview Magazine

Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, April 1986

“I Do Love Myself”

TV Guide, March 8-14, 1986