Vice Verse Fanzine still available

Elaine from Elan Press wants Vice fans to know that both issues of Vice Verse, the Miami Vice Poetry Fanzine, are still available for purchase!

Fanzine: Miami Vice Continuum

Miami Vice Continuum was a fiction fanzine, edited by The Marksman, Mark Baranowski.

Fanzine: Still Viced

STILL VICED was a one-shot fanzine, a bit lighter in tone than it’s sister publication, GOLD COAST, and also published by Brenda Cunningham.

Fanzine: Gold Coast

GOLD COAST was a Miami Vice Fanzine, available by snail mail, published by Brenda Cunningham

Fanzine: Mascarada

MASCARADA was a Miami Vice fanzine produced by Karen Howard and J. Jones.

Fanzine: Vice Verse

A fanzine dedicated to Miami Vice poetry and art

Fanzine: Crockett-Dial

Crockett-Dial is a labor of love, with its first issue having been published in 1987. The official full title of the ‘zine is Crockett-Dial (That’s Alligator, Darlin’, Al-li-gator).