LeBron Vice?

It doesn’t matter how you feel about LeBron James, or his Decision, his newest Nike commercial includes a nod to Miami Vice and a cameo by Don Johnson.

How can we not like that?

Edward James Olmos directs “The Plan”

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes video clip of the actors from the movie “Battlestar Galactica: The Plan” on how they worked with Eddie as their director

“Psych” nod to “Miami Vice”, continued

The second “Psych” spot to wink at “Miami Vice”

“Psych” spoofs “Miami Vice”

USA Network has a promotional campaign that features spoofed ads for Psych and Monk.

The Monk spoof is a reimagining of the Magnum PI opening sequence, and the Psych spoof is a reimagining of the Miami Vice opening sequence.

Media Gallery

Miami Vice audio and video clips from elsewhere on the Internet

Red 7: “Heartbeat”

Red 7’s “Heartbeat” seems to have been a favored song choice of Michael Mann’s.

“Miami Vice” Pepsi Ad

The Pepsi ad featuring Don Johnson, Glenn Frey, and “You Belong to the City”