The Complete Collection

©2002 One Way Records

Track Listing
Original Miami Vice Theme Candy
Crockett’s Theme Voodoo Dance
New York Theme Lombard Trial
Tubbs And Valerie Boat Party
Evan Angelina Flashback
Rum Cay Rain
One Way Out Clues
Flashback Crockett’s Return
Chase Shadow In The Dark
Theresa Incoming
Colombia The Talk
Marina Gina
Last Flight Stone’s War
Night Talk El Viejo Mix
Payback Airport Swap
Poem Russian Story
Rico’s Blues Cool Runnin’
The Trial And The Search Texas Ranger
Wedding The Great Boat Race
Miami Vice Theme Golden Triangle
Turning Point


  1. They don’t have THE BEST OF MIAMI VICE (copywrite 2004 AAO Music, Inc.) by Jan Hammer listed, but this COMPLETE COLLECTION seems to have about twice as many songs.

  2. This collection was only printed in limited quantities…if you bought it when it came out for $20.00 check out what it’s worth now. Used copies are selling for over $200.00.

  3. Does anyone know the song that plays while Crockett chases a Lamborghini Countach in the episode “Bought and Paid For?” The Miami Vice Wikia says that the song is called “The Chase,” but I listened to that song and it’s not the song that plays in the episode. I can’t seem to find that song anywhere!

    • Allan Hutchen says

      I believe that is one of the unreleased tracks of which there were many . Either Dadrian Wilson or Rick Leon did a marvelous cover of it though . Can probably find it on Youtube .

  4. Allan Hutchen says

    Does anyone happen to know where to audition the Dadrian Wilson Tracks ” Slow Theme ” and the Rick Leon tracks ” Caitlin” and ” Scarab” ? I saw them on Last FM but when I hit the play button it takes me to Amazon music where you have to subscribe and then the tracks aren’t even in the database .

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