The Real Fate of Martin Castillo

Last week on SIRIUS XM’s Raw Dog Comedy channel, Edward James Olmos revealed the final fate of “Miami Vice”‘s Lt. Martin Castillo:


  1. Sad. But at least now we know that the Lt. has “gone ahead”(Bushido).

  2. SouthJerseyJeff says

    As a big fan of the original M.V. pilot and series did I miss something here? Was a two hour M.V. reunion movie ever made? If it was, how/where can I view it? If one wasn’t, isn’t it about time one was? Would love to see all the original characters updated in their lives right up to today. To the powers that be, please make this happen. So many folks like me who absolutely love the series would like to see a reunion movie. Please reward your loyal fans with a reunion movie…………….Thanks,…………….SouthJerseyJeff

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