Vehicle FAQs

Q: What cars did Sonny drive?

A: Ferrari Daytona 365/GT4 Spyder, model year 1968-1974. The real car used in the episodes was a Corvette made up with a Daytona kit. Starting in Fall 1986, the beginning of the third season, the Daytona was replaced with a brand new Ferrari Testarossa. The original replacement car was also to be black and cream, but a driving mishap involving Don and one of the new ones before shooting began necessitated a paint job. They decided to repaint it white since the black repaint didn’t look good.

Q: What was Sonny’s speedboat?

A: Wellcraft 38 Scarab KV. It featured twin 440’s sturning specially cupped and balanced stainless-steel props which launched the boat on a 60 mph+ sleigh ride. It also featured a long snout, flush deck, venturi windshield and radar arch. It also received a custom “Miami Vice” paint job.

Q: What about Sonny’s yacht?

A: An Endeavour 42 sailboat called The St. Vitus’ Dance. It featured a spacious aft sleeping cabin and vee-berth forard, with galley and living space in the area of maximum beam. There were two private heads aboard the 42, each with separate shower stalls, stainless-steel sinks and vanities. Auxiliary power came from a 62-hp Perkins diesel engine.

Q: What car did Rico drive?

A: 1964 Cadillac convertible

Q: What car did Gina drive?

A: 1971-73 Mercury Cougar XR-7 convertible


  1. Crockett’s boat in the pilot and throughout the first season was not a Wellcraft Scarab but a ChrisCraft 390 Stinger. I think the changeover occurred in season two’s Prodigal Son.

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